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Quail Ridge

The Quail Ridge sits atop a ridge with views to the south and north.  Initial site visit shows a huge lawn with a single palm tree within.  The setting is serine , peaceful and breathtaking.  The goal was to add interest and decrease the water use while creating habitat for animals and birds.   The pool was removed from the backyard and an entertaining yard was created with Pergola, patios, decks, SPA and a natural pond.  Drystack Calistoga stone creates a wall  and lowers the yard from the neighbors.  The views from the entertaining area view across a canyon to the hills beyond.  The front yard which is void of lawn now overlooks a canyon with a reservoir in the distance.   A succulent garden was added by the driveway for detail interest.   With help from the municipal water district, we were able to get a reimbursement for the removal of the lawn.